Simple AY interface

Here is simple AY interface. Its logic is based on MDV's idea. ACB stereo mixer follows golden ratio principle (idea by Zilogator). Clock for AY chip is crystal driven - no more floating sound. Can be built into any ZX Spectrum model or clone.

Part list:
1 x AY-3-8912 (or equivalent)
1 x 74LS138
1 x 74LS00
1 x 74LS74
2 x 1k resistor
2 x 1k6 resistor
5 x 470R resistor
5 x 100nF ceramic condensator
2 x 4,7uF electrolytic condensator
1 x 3.57954 MHz crystal
some wires
small universal board
some 3,5mm jack socket

How to build it? Easy. Place components to universal board and connect all according schematic. Can be mounted internally or can be built as external interface. Maybe I'll route small board for it someday.


Built in ZX Spectrum+
Built in ZX Spectrum+.
Prototype board
Prototype board.
Board by P.Urbancik
Nice board by Pavel Urbancik
(kicad project).