Memory LED map, dual color modification

Ik0n made modification of my memory map for dual color 8x8 LED matrix, so you can see memory region which CPU actually reads and writes.

Part list is same as for basic mem map, one 74LS138 and one 100nF capacitor are needed in addition:
3 x 74LS138 or MH3205 (clone of LS138)
2 x 74LS04
8 x 330R resistor (anything between 100R and 470R is acceptable)
5 x 100nF ceramic condensator
1 x 8x8 dual color LED segment
some wires
small universal board.

Dual color 8x8 LED matrix can be obtained on e-bay.


Prototype PCB
Dual color 8x8 LED matrix.
Youtube video.