ZX Spectrum +3e^2

Ik0n made nice modification of +3. He build into his +3 Pera's CF Interface together with expanded ROMset, so his +3 can optionally use normal +3 ROMs, or +3e ROMs.

Part list is:
1 x 74HC10
2 x 27C512 EPROM 1 x CF socket, or IDE to CF adaptor
1 x slider switch
1 x 100nF ceramic condensator
1 x 1k2 resistor
some wires.

Firstly program your new EPROMs with ROMsets of your choice (typically +3 and +3e), remove old ROMs from +3, pull up pin1 on both 27C512 EPROMs, and then place them into +3. Connect all according schematic and you should have working +3 with two ROMsets

Second step is construction of Pera's CF interface. You can find all informations on his site. Just small tip - you can use IDE to CF adaptor instead of fiddling about with small CF socket pins, but you have to modify the adaptor, and then it can't be use by standard way anymore.

If you decided to use IDE to CF adaptor, you have to cut some tracks on IDE connector side, and then you must connect particular signals from CF slot to it. For example Ik0n cut ATD8 (pin 4 IDE) and ATD9 (pin 6 IDE) and connected there ATA SEL (pin 9 CF) and WE (pin 36 CF).


Placing of CF slot
Placing of CF slot.
Placing of CF slot
Different view.
CF insertion
CF insertion.
CF inserted
With CF inserted.